The quality and the design of the product we deliver are our number one priority. WEST ROCK™ is especially attentive towards the clothing styles that men wish to wear.

A lot of attention is put into our collection all season, but also between seasons WEST ROCK™ continues to design and deliver men’s clothing & accessories, cutting edge and consist of men’s comfort and confident. That is why these designs are identical to none.

Each time of clothing is subjected to colour fastness, wash validity and shrinkage tests. And the accessories are subject to Nickel-free & non-ferrous tests.


In every occasion we try to please our customer, our designing & marketing team analyzes customer’s feedback and comments before launching the new styles in the retail market for every season.

The production of our clothing & accessories takes places among India, Sri Lanka & Bangladesh. These manufactures are carefully selected on delivery time, quality, good communication & labour conditions.

Our quality control team visits the factories and the mill frequently from the time of knitting/ weaving /dyeing to shipment, to ensure the quality of the product is ahead from our standard, Our quality monitoring and defect management processes adhere to strict AQL 2.5 standard.


WEST ROCK is a Trade Mark of Westrock Clothing Pvt Ltd, a skilled designing team in France creates men’s fashion designing based on the latest youth trend & fashion for WEST ROCK™.


After the styling & designs are approved by the French team, our production team takeover the responsibility in getting the merchandise out from the factory on or before the confirmed delivery date.

Apart from the domestic market sale, the goods are also being shipped to France, UK, UAE & Sri Lanka.

Our corporate team in Dubai handles the entire supply chain among Middle-East.


To make our product affordable and to offer the highest quality, we buy raw materials & trims in huge volume to bring the accessories cost down, so that we could give a competitive Retail Price for our products in the international market.