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     A Muffin Top is also known as "love handles." It is where your sides stick out past anything around your waist. The overflow of the love handles resembles the overflow of the muffin top on a muffin and everyone knows men are not exempt from the dreaded “muffin-top” effect, but now they have been saved. West Rock has the answer with another rousing addition to its fashion empire, the West Rock Anti-Muffin Top Elastic.
Men will immediately notice this extra soft, super stretch elastic and keen contoured look the West Rock Anti-Muffin Top Elastic gives them as soon as they slip into them.
“Fashion underwear is not just for people with perfect bodies, West Rock is about making men feel confident and we take that to heart when we design clothing. When creating the West Rock Underwear line we wanted to create something that gives men the notion of wearing a comfortable pair of underwear with a sporty design twist,”